Wilson’s New Matte Duo Soft Ball: Women’s White

-C McLoughlin 

Most serious golfers are brand loyal when it comes to equipment. They’ve become accustomed to what feels good with their swing and suits their game.

Ever since I started playing in college, I have only played the balls my school provided for me. I was spoiled. A reality check came when I graduated and was no longer given free sleeves of balls, but instead had to pay $13.00 for one sleeve of the ones I prefer. Now, I am willing to dress in head-to-toe scuba gear if I hit one in the water.

Wilson has been in the game for a long time. I remember reading in one of Arnold Palmer’s books how he played Wilson clubs as an amateur. In the very competitive golf equipment industry, with so many balls on the market, I was intrigued to see if this “women’s” ball would really make a difference in my game.

The conditions during my round were challenging. Overcast skies, chilly temperatures, mist in the air and soft, damp ground (but not wet enough for lift, clean and cheat).

Wilson’s website claims that this new line of Duo Soft balls, even the white ones, are easier to see. I was skeptical at first, usually playing a colored ball because my eyes are so bad. I wear contacts and still lose my ball in the air. I can honestly say in 18 holes, I did not lose sight of this ball once, even as it drifted off into the woods.

Wilson took note of the new obsession with matte, but aside from its trendiness I found this finish to be practical as well.

While on the greens, my ball didn’t pick up as much water from the damp ground. Glossy finishes always feel slippery but this dried instantly, possibly creating better contact between the putter and ball and quicker roll. The only thing I would change is replacing the duo soft text on the side of the ball with a line for better aim.

The biggest difference I noticed was my ball going further off the tee. I didn’t feel the resistance I normally do as the club compresses the ball, instead I heard that glorious sound of it hitting the sweet spot. My longest drive of the day came to about 240 yards with roll – I even drove a few greens! As a retiree, that’s impressive. This ball comes with it’s own box of Wheaties.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays in drier conditions. I’d also like to try the colored balls, because who says Women should only stick to “Women’s White”. At $19.99 a box I can afford to try all five colors!


Wilson Staff sent us their newest line of DUO golf balls free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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