Product Review – Golf Iconic

-L. Daniels

This week we decided review two products.  Ever since we started Golf Starz, we have been trying to customize our bag to show off Golf Starz.  Custom Head covers are becoming more and more available to the general public, without a huge minimum order or a large set up fee.

Outside of your bag, head covers are the major things that everyone on the course will see.  No matter if you are riding in the cart and the bag is standing on the back for the foursome behind you to see or if you are hoofing it and walking 18.  Head covers will set you apart from a big box store golfer.  Today, because of companies like Golf Iconic, a custom head cover is now affordable and very easy to design and buy.

Our friends over at Golf Iconic sent us a couple putter head covers to review.  Golf Iconic designs both custom head covers to your specifications as well as some really cool designs that are pre-made and for sale on their website.  In addition to putter covers, Golf Iconic customizes wood covers, cash covers and even bags.  No matter if you are looking to add just one new head cover or redesign the whole bag, Golf Iconic has you covered.

Ordering is very easy.  Golf Iconic handles everything from start to finish.  While, that doesn’t sound important the fact that they handle every step of the process means every step is guaranteed to be quality.  Golf Iconic handles everything from digitizing of your logos, to embroidery, to the actual construction of the head cover.  Each head cover is made from scratch, in the United States.

The head covers that Golf Iconic sent us are great quality.  The stitching is very detailed and so far, has been able to withstand about 20 rounds without showing any signs of wear.  I tend to shove my putter cover in my back pocket when I am putting or throw it on the ground, still looks like the day we unwrapped them.  The only thing I would change on the putter cover would be to have a magnetic closure rather than Velcro.  Golf Iconic does have magnetic closures, other than send over our logo, Golf Iconic did the rest.

While, there are many companies out there that make custom head covers, most are really only available for companies or courses because of the minimum order.  Golf Iconic, now allows for everyday golfers like us to customize their head covers no matter the size of the order.  Price depends on the design but looking at the website, the prices are very reasonable.


Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the  high 80s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

Golf Iconic sent us a couple putter head covers free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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