Golf Starz Take on Member Guests and Other Tournaments:

A couple months ago our home club hosted its annual member guest tournament.  There is nothing better than a good golf weekend surrounded by friends and earning bragging rights for the rest of the year.

I feel like a member guest or really any tournament is a great opportunity to show case your course and really get some earned media.  I have been at tournaments in the past where I was given a sleeve of golf balls and a hat, neither of which were logoed with the course or the tournament.  While, it was nice to get something for “free” I think the sponsors missed the mark because anyone can go buy a Titleist hat and a sleeve of golf balls but why not use the opportunity to throw either the course’s logo on it or a sponsor’s logo.  Literally earned media.

Look, you cannot go wrong with a polo, hat, or towel.  But in today’s golf industry you can find some other items that will really separate you from the pack, and are items that someone who is golfing in your tournaments will use – gaining you more expose.  Below are a couple items that are within the price range of a polo or will not break the bank that we like.

Head Covers:

With companies out there like StitchRose and FireGolf Iconic, and PE Golf, custom leather head covers are now affordable.  We see the pro’s rocking a new head cover that is customized for the course.  Why not give the people who golf in your outing a way to rock your company or course.


If you have been reading Golf Starz, I assume you have heard about Jack Grace.  These are going to be a little more expensive than a polo, but man are shoes these sharp.  Jack Grace does custom saddle inserts with your logo on them.  What better way to set yourself apart than having Jack Grace design a tournament package for you.  Not only will they do the custom saddle, but will add logos to the box.


Again, another amazing way to set your giveaway apart from other tournaments. This will take a little leg work as most people will be different sizes, but there are plenty of companies out there that have little minimal orders and cheap set up fees.  A company we like a lot that can do affordable, good looking and high quality belts is J.T. Spencer.

Training tools/Golf Games:

This would be a great door prize or longest putt.  Depending on how much you want to spend but Putt AroundPutter Pong, or Chippo make great door prizes or incentive prizes.


Not sure if this is something you will want to give to every participant. If so let us know – we are always up for a great golf trip.  But another opportunity to give away for an incentive prize.  Long drive, closest to the pin, raffle, the possibilities are endless.  Everyone would love a new club but if you are really trying to spice it up, check out our friend the Wedge Wizard.  He can hook you up with a top of the line custom wedge that people will be talking about for years to come.

Look, at the end of the day, most people want to feel like they got their money’s worth.  You can’t go wrong with a polo, balls, or a towel (don’t be boring and give a great looking towel like – Uther). But then again everyone does that.  The member guest is a great opportunity to give your members and their guests something that will set you apart and hopefully will make it in their bag every round moving forward.  More people ask me about my head covers than about my polo or the logo on my golf balls.

The companies we mentioned are great companies that we like but there are plenty out there that can help you out all you have to do if look further than your big box store. If you have some suggestions on other companies leave them in the comments and help out your fellow readers!

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