Product Review – Cleveland Golf – CBX 56* Wedge

-J. Lee

When we reached out to Cleveland Golf to see if they wanted us to review any of their new products I have to say I felt (a lot) like a kid on Christmas when they said they were sending the CBX 56* wedge.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone who plays golf (even if just a little bit) know that Cleveland golf has always made some of THE best wedges on the market.  And it’s no secret that most recreational golfers are moving to (or already have) a set of cavity back irons. And until now people were forced to play blade wedges with those cavity back irons.

The Cleveland CBX wedge is a very diverse club. It can help a high handicapper transition the cavity back irons to their wedge and in turn will help improve short game. But it also can help a mid level handicapper like me who uses a 56* from 110-100 yards. In fact, the wedge is very forgiving from just about every distance we tested. Who better to tell you about the specifics of the wedge then Cleveland Golf themselves:

Here is what I can tell you: the aesthetics of it will take you some getting over/used to – but once you do you will fall in love with this wedge. Chances are if you are apart of the 84% of people playing cavity back irons it won’t take any time at all to get used to. Below are some picture from a few different angles so you can see what I’m talking about.

The CBX wedge will obviously be larger than all other wedges in your bag but still has a great look to it.  The nice thing is when you are looking down at the club you can’t even tell its a cavity back (unlike your cavity back irons). The look alone – plus knowing it’s a cavity back wedge – gave me an odd sense of confidence I don’t normally have with my short game. Oh, and you will notice how the wedge seems to get wider from the heel to the toe. According to Cleveland Golf, “the heel-to-toe V shape lets you open the face for versatility while still providing extra help in the sand.” Help out of the sand is always good, right!?

This wedge feels solid from pretty much any area on the face and is surprisingly soft in your hands at the point of contact from any distance. You definitely won’t hear that pro style “click” sound at impact like you would with a regular blade wedge but it still sounds really great.


If you’re like me and need help around the greens then this is the club for you. Even if you like to use it for that 110-75 yard shot (again like me) then you are going to get exceptional control and feel with this wedge. Bottom line, it really is the all around package when talking wedges and is hands down the best $130.00 you can spend on your short game.

Mr. Jansen Lee plays around 2 times a week and is a consistent mid to low 80’s golfer. But he also understands that double and triple bogeys are out lurking on the golf course.

Cleveland Golf sent us the wedge free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.


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