Product Review – Bettinardi Golf – QB8 Queen B Series

-L. Daniels

Do you ever look at a putter and think, man I need to get that club?  When everything about the putter works.  The look of the putter, the grip, the head cover.  Before you even put the putter in your hand, something about the putter just attracts you to it.  That is the feeling we had when Bettinardi sent us the QB8 Queen B Series.  We read a lot about Bettinardi, and could not wait to try what they had to offer.  How could you not want to try a putter on the 2017 Golf Digest Gold Hot List.

First, the QB8 has such a clean look to it.  The clean white grip and the perfectly designed white head cover will match any bag/driver and wood head cover combo you have.  The head cover comes with bees embroidered on the top of the head cover (pictures below).  You see a lot of people in the golf world collecting head covers…including us here at Golf Starz. The head cover that comes with the putter is one everyone will be asking about.

Bettinardi prides itself on the fact that no putter will leave the facility until one of the 85 engineers confirms there are no defects.  You can really tell they take pride in their work.  When you look at the face of the putter, the name Queen Bee starts to really make sense.  The face of the putter has a micro honeycomb milled design.  This is very unique and not something I have seen from any other company in the industry.

The rest of the putter head was designed to every detail.  With a satin silver finish you see the head cover and the putter come together, because the bees on the head cover are also on the bottom of the putter.  Really all around great looking putter that is sure to attract the attention of the others in your foursome.  Trust us, we basically had to hide this bad boy on the practice green because every single guy at the club wanted to try it out.

Now on to what everyone is waiting for…the performance of the putter.

Editor’s note…I can see all of our “putter head” followers already rolling their eyes. As with every review here at Golf Starz – we are taking the angle of how the putter feels for the average golfer. We may not use all the correct terminology, but we want everyone to know how the putter feels…

Do you remember that feeling, when you were a kid and you unwrapped that one present you asked Santa for?  When I opened the QB8, that same feeling I had as a kid came back.  Not only does the putter need to look amazing, it’s going to have to work its way into your bag. Which means it’s going to take a few rounds to get used to – maybe more.  The weight, the way the putter strikes the ball, the way the grip feels in your hands, and how your stance affects the position of the putter and changes the way you strike the ball. That all matters and should be very personal from player to player. After a few swings at the range with a new driver, iron, etc. you are able to take it out on the course and truthfully you will not lose a lot of performance.  A putter on the other hand is something you need to invest in – something you need to practice with. Once you find the right putter, it’s going to take something amazing to take it out of your bag.  In fact, I still have the same Odyssey I played as a kid and then the Bettinardi moved my Odyssey from my bag to on deck.

Like we said the QB8 putter looked amazing right out of the box. One thing that stood out to me was length of the face.  I’m not going to lie this took a little getting used to.  Nothing against the putter but for someone that grew up playing with a pretty standard blade putter, the shorter length face of the putter was not like anything I was used to playing with.  Below is a picture of the putter looking down at the sightline. Once I got used to the smaller, I was able to feel the difference for the better.  You know what they say – aim small, miss small.

Additionally, at first I was a little uneasy about the extended rear bumpers.  After I got used to the shape and weight of the putter I really stated to like the look of it and feel.  I felt like the extended length of the bumpers was something that allowed me to be able to strike the center of the putter more often.  One other minor detail is that the putter felt a little too upright to me…I tend to sit back a little bit when I putt. Bettinardi will adjust this for each player (we just have a stock QB8) but it forced me to stand a little more over the top of the ball (which oddly enough improved my putting). Again, this may be something to consider adjusting if you are in the market for a Bettinardi QB8 putter.  For me, much like any putter, this took some rounds to get used to.  Like we said before, putters should be an extension of you so, you need to break them in.

One other thing I noticed right away was the weight of the putter – it felt great. The weight and the grip are the two most important things I look for beyond something aesthetically pleasing.  It felt like all I needed to do was to worry about making a clean stroke – not a lot of hand/wrist action is needed (depending on your grip).  The mirco-honeycomb had a nice response to stroking the ball.

I never felt like I was pushing or pulling the ball because of the face of the putter. It and allowed me to cleanly strike the ball. The micro-honeycomb quiets the putter once you hit the ball, while the shape and squared weight of the putter really quiets your hands during impact.   Unless I was putting from the fringe, I felt like my putting stroke didn’t need to change much putt to putt with the QB8 which is obviously important.

All and all, the only negative things I could say or think about the putter were things that after some rounds were think I started to really like about the putter – you really can’t judge a book by the cover.

Look, we all know putting is a very weak part of my game…I am getting better.  You should feel confident in the putter you have in your bag.  A putter is a club that you invest in, it’s not something that you change every season.  There are a number of companies out there that are making high quality putters and we have tried a lot of them.  The QB8 stands toe to toe with all of them.  We were lucky enough to try the QB8 and we loved it.  Bettinardi makes a number of amazing putters that are worth checking out.  Look, if Matt Kuchar not only uses their putters but advocates for them, they have to be doing something right.   No, they are not cheap – but once you consider the level of craftsmanship and quality you will see why. In fact, you may even see how they could be charging even more.  Like I said a putter is something you invest in.  By investing in Bettinardi, you will not regret it.  If you are interested in trying a Bettinardi out, you can find the closest dealer here.  Or you can buy online here.


Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the  high 80s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

Bettinardi sent us the QB8 free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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