Golf Starz Recap…DAP Championship

Great food, great drinks, and great golf.  What more can you ask for in a weekend?  Before you read anything further check out our video from the weekend.
As we previously wrote, we decided do our best LeBron James and take our talents back to Cleveland for the weekend.  Here at Golf Starz, we want to share in everything we have the opportunity to see and do.  We love the fact that you follow us in our adventures, we honestly cannot thank you enough.  We wanted to take a minute and recap a little bit of our weekend.

Up first – the DAP Championship:

Wow…what a beautiful course, with an amazing history attached to it.  Did you know that Canterbury Golf Club is one of only two Clubs in history to have hosted all five of the men’s Major Championships that rotate sites? (The US Open, PGA Championship, US Amateur, Sr. US Open and Sr. PGA Championship).

The course was amazing and long.  From talking to the members, the course difficultly doesn’t change much from the to the normal playing conditions. We can’t wait to find a way to get back out there and play the course.  The club house was amazing (thank you Golf Channel for getting us access).  The club house had all the trophies from the majors played there and even had a Master’s jacket.  Also, the Tito’s tailgate was a lot of fun with great drinks.  Check out our write up here.

Again, we cannot thank our friends from the Golf Channel any more for the hospitality they have shown us at the last couple tournaments. And a HUGE thank you to our friend Charlotte (the gal that sits next to the on-air talent) as well as the rest of the crew for allowing us access. It is still unbelievable the work that they do.

If you can, please give them a follow-on twitter and Instagram:



Check out our friends at Golf Iconic who made that custom head cover for us.

Not only were we lucky enough to see some amazing golf at the DAP Championship we got to play some mediocre golf at an amazing course.  We had not one to blame but our self for het mediocre golf.  We teed it up on Sunday at Sleepy Hallow for a quick nine.  Sleepy Hallow is a muni course that plays like a really nice club.  The course was long similar to Canterbury and tucked into the hills of Cleveland Metro park.  With two of the first 4 holes playing over 500 yards, this course was not joke.  The course was maintained perfectly, with tough greens.  While most of the fairways were wide open, a majority of the holes played very risk verse reward. Driver worked for most tee shots, the second shot was almost always challenging, generally at a distance that was in-between clubs or with an elevated green or downhill lie left event what seemed to be a pretty straight forward shot hard.  I have included a picture of the score card below.

Again, what an amazing weekend.  We plan on bring more behind the scenes footage in the future.  Let us know what you would like to see next by commenting below.

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