Knock It Stiff…On the Road – The 19th Road – The Fan Favorite

If you are 21 please continue reading – if not check back for our next post.  If you are 21, as always please drink responsibly and don’t ruin a great round by driving drunk.  Take a cab or ask a sober buddy for a ride. 

Golf Starz decided to pack up our golf bags and head up to beautiful Cleveland to take in the DAP Championship – finals stop at Canterbury Golf Club.  For those who have tuned in on our story on Instagram or followed along on twitter…   THANK YOU.  If you haven’t, I would suggest you give us a follow tomorrow for some inside the ropes action.

We decided this week, since we are on the road we would feature a drink offered at the tournament, that you can make at home.  Tito’s vodka has a great spot at the tournament and since we are huge fans we decided to stop and see what they could whip up for us.  Tito’s is hosting a tailgate at the DAP Championship and are offering some classic #golfguy drinks.  They brought in some great tailgating games and an old school airstream retrofitted with a bar and TV to catch some golf and football.   We tried a couple of the featured drinks and decided to feature the “Fan Favorite” below.

First, fill the glass with ice…

Add a couple oz of Tito’s vodka…

We went with soda water but tonic works too…

Garnish with a lime…


Look, we know this is a simple vodka soda or tonic…but don’t act like it’s not a go to drink no matter the season or course.

Here at Golf Starz we are all about easy drinks to make.   Tip your bartenders/cart girls and never drink and drive.

And as always buy a hat!!!

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