Golf Starz Exclusive – A sit-down with the man behind The Golf Garage – Part Dos

-L. Daniels

I hope everyone enjoyed our post about the man behind this amazing putter, featured below.  If you did not have a chance – check it out here.

Here is what I love most about the work Kyle does over at the Golf Garage.  How many times have you come across a really good brand name putter on EBay or at a resale shop?  Most of the time these putters need some work. Even if they are in pretty good shape, you may want to add some personal flair to the putter.  Look no further than our man Kyle.  You can reach out to Kyle on his Instagram page and we will be the first to tell you, his prices are very affordable for the quality of work.

After Kyle offered to redo a putter for us, we decided to try and challenge him to see what he’s got and boy did he exceed our wildest expectations.  We found a Ping Anser 3 putter on EBay that had seen better days for sure.  We got the putter for under $20.  As Kyle said to us, this was one of the most beat up putters he has had in the shop.

While, we can’t tell you everything – trade secrets…below are the steps and some detail behind what he did:

Step One:


When Kyle received the Ping, the first thing he did was disassemble the putter.  He removed the head from the shaft by heating up the joint.

Once the head was taken off, the next thing Kyle did was take picture of the putter in its current condition above… “which I have to say, it was one of the most beat up putters we’ve had the pleasure to work on in the shop.”

Step Two:

After the “Before” pictures were taken Kyle gave it a quick media blast or sand blast to remove all surface oxides (blemishes).

Step Three:

Once Kyle could see the putter in its raw form and really what he had to work with, he had to get working on grinding/sanding/buffing out all of the imperfections.  Let me tell you this was no small feat.  Ding and Dent removal was the next step.  Kyle was able to do this by utilizing varying grits of sand paper until all surface imperfections were removed.

Step Four:

Once Kyle was happy with the ding and dent removal, it was time to start the overall finish.  We really wanted to give Kyle total creative control and told him to finish the putter however he felt would be good.  Kyle came up with his Brushed Bronze finish, as it gives a vintage look on a vintage putter.  He started the finish by spraying a ballistics grade thermal polymer on the surface of the putter.  Followed by baking in the oven at 300*F for approximately 1 hour.  This hardens the surface and creates a very durable finish. See picture below:

After the Ballistics grade thermal polymer was applied, Kyle wanted to give the putter that vintage look, by distressing the finish, with varying grades of sand paper. Picture below:

Last Steps:

We asked Kyle to make it special.  So, Kyle went the extra mile and decided to Deep Laser Engrave our logo on the toe of the putter, as well as applying the same black ballistics grade thermal polymer to the shaft.  Pictures below:


Once the logo was engraved, Kyle paint filled the entire putter with an Antique White paint fill to accent the color scheme perfectly.

After the paint dried, Kyle cleaned up any and all paint overflow and re epoxied the shaft on!

Look – the pictures speak for themselves.  Kyle knows what he is doing.  I suggest you head down to your basement or out to your garage to find a putter and reach out to him.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.  Not only does the putter look amazing, it has great feel out on the course.  It’s easy to forget how different/light old putters feel than those on the market now but that is just a result of us picking an older putter to refinish.  Nothing to do with Kyle’s work.

We can’t wait to get another putter over to Kyle to see what he comes up with next.

Make sure you give him a follow-on Instagram here.  If you are looking for some work done, make sure you DM him and tell him Golf Starz sent ya.

Kyle over at Golf Garage refinished our putter free of charge.  All of our opinions are our own and we are under no obligation to do a good review.  All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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