Golf Starz Recap of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship

-L. Daniels

With this week being a down week in golf other than the Walker Cup… Go USA!!!  I wanted to take a minute to reflect on a really cool experience from last weekend.

Last weekend we attended the first leg of the finals here in Columbus, Ohio.  This was the first time we attended a event not as spectators but more watching for Golf Starz.  Amazing event with some amazing golf.  A fun time all around.  It was great to see some of our favorites mix it up plus our hometown boy Ryan Armour played great.  And for those keeping score at home, we did pick a couple of the guys who finished on the top of the leader board.  Shout out to Tom Lovelady and Ryan Armour.

While, we did partake in some dollar birdie beers at the pub on 13, if you would have told me we would be invited by the Golf Channel to be given a tour of their operation and what it takes to put golf on our T.V.’s week in and week out, I would have said you have enjoyed one to many dollar birdie beers. By the way people were really dependent on those birdies!

***Please note, while the guy in the white hat looks like he belongs there.  He is not part of the Golf Channel…that is one of our fearless leaders here at Golf Starz, jumping in to lend a helping hand.

When we received the invite, we were like kids in a candy store.  Every week we watch the Golf Channel and the broadcast seems so far away.  For almost everyone sitting on the couch at home, we have never and will never get to experience what it looks like behind the camera.  You see some of your favorite personalities – we all have one or two we love and you sit back and wonder how they make it all work.  Truthfully, I am jealous because they get to watch golf every week and get paid.

I would like to share a couple things that stood out to us while getting an exclusive behind the scenes tour along with a couple photos/videos.  Hopefully, you were able to tune into to our live feed on Instagram while the guys were live on TV.  If not make sure, you are on the lookout for more videos coming up.

Did you know for the stop in Columbus, it took about 88 people on the ground to make everything work and over 20k feet of fiber.  The crew gets there days in advance to set up, make sure the shots are perfect, learn the course, etc. but they are able to tear down and move to the next city in a couple hours.  Also, the set is smaller than I imagined.  Picture this two desks, wardrobe, make up, camera’s, lights, support team, and a number of other things all in a semi-trailer.  For all of the things listed, there was still room to move round and never felt too crammed.  They really utilize every square inch.

Lastly, we were able to listen in on the head set during the live feed and for someone who can barely chew gum and walk, I have no idea how these guys are able to speak so fluently with multiple people in their ears counting down and passing them notes.  Hell, I get mad when someone speaks in my back swing. Nonetheless this experience was amazing and was a once in a life time opportunity to be able to be in there while the team was going live.

The staff and crew were amazing and some of the nicest people I have met.  A HUGE thank you to our friend Charlotte (the gal that sits next to the on air talent) for inviting us to stop by and Kelly Rands for giving us a tour of the compound. Also, thank you to the voice of the PGA: John Swantek, the excellent Golf Channel reporter: Steve Burkowski, and the 2002 Players Champion: Craig Perks for being very gracious with their time and allowing us to have our phone in their faces while they were on live television.

And I did find my dream job over the weekend.  I would love to be in the production truck.  Basically, a wall of TV’s with every golf tournament on them and cameras focused on each hole.  Hint Hint Golf Channel… #ManCaveGoals

This experience was truly one I will remember for years to come.  We would have never thought when we started Golf Starz we would be able to do cool stuff like this… we can’t wait to see what comes next. Again, thank you Golf Channel.

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