Golf Starz Exclusive – A sit-down with the man behind The Golf Garage

-L. Daniels

This is the first part of a two-piece post showing the amazing work our friend over at The Golf Garage is doing.  Post one is going to give you an exclusive look at the man himself and post two will show you what he was able to do with a putter we sent him.

When we started Golf Starz a little over a year ago, we never thought we would be where we are today.  We started all of this because we felt there was something missing in the golf world.  We grew up golfing, we love to play, we love to watch, and we love to read about everything in the golf industry.  The one thing we felt was missing was a true voice for the common golfer.  I think everyone is interested no matter what your handicap is on how the “sausage” is made.  We are excited for the content we have been able to bring you on the blog and remember we are just getting started.  Thank you for reading and thank you for following.  We are very excited to be able to lift the veil on a very interesting piece of the golf industry and give you a unique view inside The Golf Garage’s shop.

Since we started Golf Starz, the major thing that stands out to me is everyone we have met is so humble.  These men and woman have an unbelievable skill, are artists and we hear the same thing over and over again.  Every single person just wants to help the golfer and bring their concept or their dreams to life with their work…

Putter and wedge refinishing is something you see on Instagram a lot.  You see the crazy designs, great colors and different refinishing.  Most guys on tour are starting to add personal flair to their clubs and for the common golfer this idea seemed out of reach.  With guys like Kyle, adding a personal touch or refinishing a putter is not only possible but affordable.


Meet Kyle Campbell…  we had the opportunity to sit down with Kyle over the phone a couple weeks ago to chat about his operation and to learn more about him and what keeps him going.  Kyle, is a 29-year-old from Leesport, PA.  Kyle has always had a love for golf, he grew up playing it and while at Penn State (Editor’s note… GO BUCKS!!) started to build the foundation for what would later become the amazing work he is doing with refinishing putters and wedges.  Kyle received his science degree from Penn State and started a career in steel fabrication.  This is where Kyle started to hon his skills and started refinishing putters and wedges.  Kyle has always been someone who, even from a young age worked with model cars.  The level of detail that Kyle uses in his work really comes through and it makes sense he used to work on model cars.  No matter how small the piece or detail, it has a great impact on the end result.


Check out his work here and while you are there give him a follow.

What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a part time job.  The machines and work started to move from the garage to the basement.  If you have seen Kyle’s work there is no question why he has seen this much growth.

Kyle loves to push the boundaries and as he said his “favorite aspect of doing this is taking a concept we brainstorm with the customer and bringing it to reality.  There is no better feeling.”

During our conversation, Kyle talked a lot about how much he enjoyed doing this work.  You can really see his passion in his finished products.  While, we will get more into the actual work next week I want to leave you with this.  Think of your golf bag, are you happy with your current putter?

The color scheme?

Would you like to add your name… nickname… initials…?

How many times do you see on eBay or at the course a great brand of putter but it needs work?

Look no further than The Golf Garage.  Your putter should be an extension of you.  Break the mold and make your putter a direct reflection of yourself. Contact Kyle and tell him Golf Starz sent you.

For Fun We Asked Kyle a Couple Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite golfer to watch either growing up or now:

Tiger Woods

Picks for the PGA Championship:

Rickie Fowler

Favorite Club in the bag:


Favorite Club to work on:

Scotty Cameron Futura line – While he normally likes to only works on putters (because wedges are usually nickel or chrome plated and wear and tear makes it tough to refinish) he did just get his first set of iron in shop and can’t wait to get to them – and we are just as excited to see how it goes


Please head over and give Kyle a follow and check back next week to get the story behind the Golf Starz Putter below.


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