Product Review- J.T. Spencer

-L. Daniels

Recently, our friends over at J.T. Spencer sent us a couple belts to review.  All of us over here at Golf Starz tend to dress a little more on the preppy side, so we were excited when these bad boys came in.  J.T. Spencer is an American made company out of Richmond, VA, and their belts can be found in over 500 pro shops.  (If American made doesn’t sell you, then I really am at a loss of words)

J.T. Spencer sent us their 19th Hole Golf Belt and their Back Nine Golf Belt.  The great part about J.T. Spencer is they have a belt for really any hobby or style you may have.  They have key fobs and flasks to round out their products and who doesn’t need a good looking flask for the course.

What if I told you that you can get a belt for half the price of a needle point belts on the market today, but have the exact same quality – if not better made?  Then look no further than J.T. Spencer.  The J.T. Spencer belts sell on their website for $85.  A steal for this quality!

I assume, most of our followers are similar to me and like to show off their personal side somehow on their outfit.  When I golf, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will see me in a pretty plain shirt and either blue or khaki shorts.  There is nothing better than to add some flair and personality to the outfit with a great looking belt.  I am a huge fan of the Dancing Bear Belt.  If you like the look of the logo, but want to change the color, you can do that as well at no additional cost.

As an added bonus, the belt looks great off the course too.  Nothing better than being able to transition from the board room to the course or vice versa.

Also, for all of our followers looking for custom belts to show off their company or their club, reach out to J.T. Spencer.  Make sure you tell them Golf Starz sent you.

Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the mid to low 90’s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

J.T. Spencer sent us a couple belts free of charge to try and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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