Knock it Stiff – The 19th Hole – The Bloody Mary

This week’s post comes from our buddy who has tended bar at some of the better country clubs on the eastern seaboard during college.

If you are 21 please continue reading – if not check back for our next post.  If you are 21, as always please drink responsibly and don’t ruin a great round by driving drunk.  Take a cab or ask a sober buddy for a ride.


“Hey sabu, can you make a bull shot?
“Can you make a shoe smell”?

Back in my heyday, I was a country club bartender. I worked in clubs all the way from Connecticut down to Virginia, making my bones slinging cocktails to the elite while throwing ‘em back myself when management wasn’t looking. The morning shift was my favorite—6 am to lunch. There is just something downright inspiring about watching a 60 yr. old weekend warrior crush a gin and tonic at 7:30 in the morning. For those that aren’t maniacs, a bloody mary is the more appropriate morning beverage to enjoy on the turn, and I like to think that I’ve perfected the recipe over the years. Like anything (and especially so for the bloody) it’s always a matter of taste so feel free to adjust as you see fit.

  • 2 OZ. vodka (I prefer Tito’s)
  • 4 OZ. Clamato Juice
  • Juice of 1 Lime Wedge
  • Juice of 1 Lemon Wedge
  • 4 heavy shakes Worcestershire sauce
  • 2-3 heavy shakes “Louisiana” brand hot sauce (tabasco is for amateurs)
  • 2 TSP Prepared horseradish
  • 3 cracks fresh ground pepper

Mix everything up, and serve in a highball rimmed with Old Bay seasoning.

Now, that is a ton of ingredients to go out and buy for one drink, so honestly, I’ve found that a good mix will work just as fine. The traveler in me prefers Mrs. T’s, but I have it on good authority that Zing Zang is quite good as well. Pro-tip, purchase a case of the mini-cans on amazon and keep them on the shelf. They stay fresh forever, and will always be on hand for that extra Sunday morning pick me up.

And lastly (and perhaps most importantly), garnish with a lime wedge. Hold the celery, shrimp, bacon, olives, and mini-cheeseburgers—this ain’t brunch.

As always…don’t drink and drive and tip your bartenders/cart girls…

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