Golf Starz Exclusive – A sit-down with the Wedge Wizard himself.

-L. Daniels

For a guy who builds wedges that focus on the center of gravity of the club, this guy is about to knock the golf world off its axis.

Imagine this, you are in your mid-twenties, you wake up every day doing something you love to do. In a way, you are being handed the keys to develop your passion into a career, and you are starting to gain notice from influencers in the golf industry and even guys and girls on the professional circuits.  Recently, Golf Starz had the opportunity to catch up with Jacob Sanborn, the “wedge wizard,” to learn more about what got him into the golf industry and what makes him tick.  For those who have not seen the amazing work Jacob has done on some clubs, you are following the wrong accounts online – and you missed an amazing piece of art we gave away during our 50k giveaway.  Before you read any further, give Jacob a follow on Instagram. I promise there are some things in the works, and while I cannot discuss them here yet, you won’t want to miss them.

Jacob grew up in Oceanside, California and has a very humble vibe to him.  For a guy who is self-built he remembers the individuals who got him to where he is today and is thankful for those who have taken a shot on him.  That is hard to find in someone who clearly is very talented at what they do.

While Jacob grew up playing golf, he got his start at the Carlsbad Golf Center, one of the best pro shops/ranges in the country.  Jacob started fitting clubs there and really focused on the right club for the golfer, rather than solely focusing on making the sale.  Jacob said multiple times during our conversation that he viewed himself as someone whose purpose was to help golfers he worked with find the right club and assisted them in playing the best golf that they could.

Jacob started to make a name for himself right away out of Carlsbad Golf Center, and to no surprise to many, he got a call from a pretty large company asking him to come on board.  That company was Fourteen Golf and Jacob answered that call.  As Lebron James said, he was taking his talent to South Beach.  Really, Jacob wasn’t going far, only to Irvine. He hated to leave Carlsbad Golf Center but the opportunity Fourteen was offering was just too good to pass up.


For those who don’t know, Fourteen Golf was established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan – Takamitsu Takebayashi.  Fourteen has been selling clubs in the US for around 12 years and has a huge following in the Asian market.  Fourteen Golf has given Jacob the creative ability that not many people have in the industry and by looking at his Instagram, he is only getting better.

While I cannot say enough positive things about Jacob as a person and how enjoyable our conversation was, I think one of the things that really stood out to me was his knowledge of the clubs he makes.  Jacob walked us through every detail and explained why Fourteen is different than the rest of the companies on the market. For guys like us who don’t know a lot about the technology behind clubs, he was able to walk us through it. We walked away feeling like we learned something.  I think that is huge factor when you are trying to fit someone with a club. It’s one thing to throw a bunch of industry terms and language their way and why this club is the best on the market, etc.  It’s a completely different ball game when the fitter helps you understand why certain things make the club react in different ways.  Every detail about Fourteen clubs has been meticulously thought out, tested and developed.  Jacob was a master at explaining each and every detail. Even how a small tweak could help anyone who comes in for a fitting play better golf.  Jacob was able to explain how he can take an already great club and improve upon it to better fit the need of an individual.

Jacob explained to us that while Fourteen clubs are best when fitted, that even off the rack clubs are loaded with some of the most cutting edge technology (contrary to popular belief this is true for all companies on the market).  Fourteen clubs, along with Jacob’s magical touch, have some amazing things to offer when it comes to the wedge game that’s why he is the wizard.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Jacob and what he and Fourteen can do together.  I promise, now is the time to start watching him…very very exciting things to come!  I think everyone will be excited to see what is next in the pipeline and without a doubt, the other companies will soon be trying to catch up to the innovative work this guy is able to do.


For Fun We Asked Jacob a Couple Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite golfer to watch either growing up or now:

Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas.

Picks for the PGA Championship:

Charley Hoffman

Favorite Club in the bag:

60 degree wedge

Favorite Club to work on:

Any wedge. As Jacob said, there is no limit to what you can do in customizing everything around the look and feel.


Again, please go check out his work.   Quote me now – you will start to hear Jacob’s name mentioned along with the greats: Anthony Tartanto, Roger Cleveland, Bob Vokey, James Patrick “JP” Harrington, and Jacob Sanborn.

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