Today’s review comes from our friend Mr. Lafferty Daniels on a The Shark’s company. Below is his review – enjoy!

Growing up, I remember there was something that drove me to cheer for Greg Norman.  Even after he stopped playing I have been a huge fan of his clothing line.  That’s why I was beyond excited when the Greg Norman Collection hooked the Golf Starz team up with clothes from their new line.

The Greg Norman Collection sent us some polos from their new ML75 line, along with some shorts, a nice oxfordsweater, and quarter zip.  The quality of the clothes is top notch.  When it comes to my golf gear, I feel like I can tell the difference between a quality product and one that cut corners to save money.  The ML75 line was designed to meet the high performance that you need on the course but also looks good doing it.  My personal favorite was the Protek ML75 Microlux Chest Print Polo.  You combine the colors red, white, and blue… right off the bat I am a huge fan before I even put it on.  Once I put it on, I could tell right away that I was going to look way better than my game.  Not only have I worn the Protek ML75 Microlux Chest Print Polo but have also worn the ML75 Tonal Heather Stripe Polo multiple times to play. To really get the feel of the shirt and how it will hold up you need to play in it during different weather conditions and after some washes.  I have worn these shirts when it was 90 degrees and even when was pouring rain.  I felt that the shirt performed in all conditions and looked good on and off the course.

Now, on to the shorts. I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I am a guy who sweats and not just a little.  When I golf I tend to stay away from khaki shorts because of everyone’s enemy… ‘swass.’  When I opened the box from our friends at Greg Norman I was a little nervous that I would prejudge the shorts based on the fact that they were Khaki.  You know the old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Well the Greg Norman shorts have turned me into a full convert back to khaki shorts.  Again, I played in hot weather – no sweat or swass. Played in rain – great shorts, never retained water.

One of the many things that separates the Greg Norman Collection from the rest, is that they design clothes for off and on the course.  The nice oxford and sweater they sent us allow us to carry the swagger we have on the course by looking good into the club house to own the 19th hole.

Head on over and check their new line.  Additionally, give them a follow on Instagramand tell them Golf Starz sent you.

Keep checking our Instagram and story to see more pictures of us rocking the Greg Norman Collection.

While you are at it, you can grab one of those great looking Golf Starz hats here.

-L. Daniels

Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the mid to low 90’s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

The Greg Norman Collection sent us a dozen golf balls free of charge to play with and write an honest review. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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