Knock It Stiff- The 19th Hole – The Paloma

-L. Daniels

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If you are 21 please continue reading – if not check back for our next post.  If you are 21, as always please drink responsibly and don’t ruin a great round by driving drunk.  Take a cab or ask a sober buddy for a ride.

Another week = another drink.  For a while, I could not drink tequila.  Maybe it was the tradition we had in college. When we closed our tab out at the bar, we would do a shot of rail tequila.  No clue how it started, but boy was I happy when that tradition ended.

This summer, my brother-in-law turned me on to Casamigos Tequila.  Man is this stuff smooth.  For a guy who couldn’t stand the smell of tequila for a while I found myself Anejo on the rocks.  Plus, after watching Rickie, Smylie, Justin, and Jordan on spring break how could you not want to try this stuff?

Now, I am not a super sweet drink kind of guy, so whenever I am drinking tequila I find myself drinking a Paloma.  A very light and easy to make summer drink. Perfect if you want just one…or a dozen.


First you salt the rim…

Second, add a couple ounces of tequlia (if you are going with Casamigos, this stuff is smooth so it’s hard to overdo it). But really any blanco tequila will do…

Third, fill the rest of the glass with grapefruit soda or juice (you can also use soda water and grapefruit bitters) …

Garnish with a lime…


Very easy drink to make. And if The Open champ drinks it – I guess it can’t make my game any worse.  As always…don’t drink and drive and tip your bartenders/cart girls…

You can find that fly Golf Starz hat here.

Comment below your favorite drink to see it featured here on the blog.

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