Today’s review comes from our friend Mr. Lafferty Daniels on a casual but timeless family golf company. Below is his review – enjoy!

First off, we want to thank our friends over at Reinland Golf Co. for not only sending these head covers for us to review, but also donating a set for our 50K giveaway. And thank you all for heading over to our Instagram page to participate!

Now, on to the review.

Our friends over at Reinland Golf Co. sent us a couple different head covers to review but here I will talk about the Max.  Reinland sent us a driver, wood, and putter cover to review.

Reinland Golf Co. was started by Maxton Reinland out of Walla Walla, Washington.  Similar to us, Max grew up playing muni tracks which started him on the path to be in the golf industry.  Max started the company Muni Kids, which is a golf lifestyle company celebrating the muni track life.  Muni Kids started selling head covers and since they were doing so well, he decided to start Reinland Golf Co. to focus on the handmade head cover game while still maintaining Muni Kids.  Reinland’s head covers are handmade, and from what I can tell, a family venture.  Great stuff!



The head covers themselves have a very unique look that you do not see a lot.  They are very different than the leather head covers you see a lot of now.  These bad boys will set you apart from the crowd.   When I broke the out for the first time I was actually playing with my grandfather and the first thing he said was they reminded him of head covers he used to have.  By rocking these head covers you are going to get a classic look to your bag instantly and with the different options they have you will be able to match your bag and your style without a problem.  These head covers make me want to break out my dad’s old persimmon woods.  The nice part is, these head covers give you a classic look but also look great on the newest drivers on the market.

The quality of the head covers is top notch.  You can tell that Max and his company really take pride in making not only a good-looking product but a well-made product too.

The only downside to the head cover, and this really is not a complaint, is that during a recent round when I was using these covers it poured. The head covers got heavy and did retain water.  Not a huge deal and once they were dried there was no issue with the head cover.

Reinland offers a number of other products on their website that I suggest you head over and take a look at – tell them Golf Starz sent you.  Also, Reinland Golf Co. offers custom products as well, check them out here.


Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the mid to low 90’s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

Reinland Golf Co. sent us the head covers free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own honest opinions.

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