Golf Starz’s Random Thoughts:

-L. Daniels

First off, thank you all for the love and getting us to 50K on Instagram – you will be seeing more content on IG but make sure you keep checking back here for more blog posts and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  We are developing content for each space, so you will start seeing very different things on each platform.

Second, what a way to finish off the weekend.  An amazing finish to The Open and so fun to watch!

Third, I hope everyone is excited for our 50K giveaway over on Instagram.  We have so many great companies on board who donated prizes, plus you will see a number of our Golf Starz items mixed in.  Even one small item that is not for sale anywhere.  Thank you to the following companies that partnered with us on this awesome milestone! Be sure to check out our Instagram to see what each company contributed.

As I am writing this we are waiting on a couple more companies so you will need to check out IG for the final items.  Make sure you go check and follow out each one of these amazing companies on Instagram and tell them Golf Starz sent you.

Last, this weekend I played in a scramble for a friend of mine’s favorite bar.  The outing was a good time, even though we saw a lot of rain.  Great course, good food, great door prizes – all at a very good price.  But… I felt like it’s time to talk about something that happens at every scramble… people cheat.  It’s frustrating when this happens.  Golf is a game where you are your own referee, so all I ask is be legit with your score.  It’s one thing to roll your ball a little bit for a better lie or taking a gimme when you within three feet (come one, out of 4 guys one will make it). But when you are lying about your score, it ruins the tournament for everyone.  Just do not be that person.  Everyone knows you cheated, so just don’t do that.  There is no way with mulligans, a foursome of people, all of which have a known handicap in the mid-teens, shoots a -17 with a course that was soaking wet.  —Ok off my soap box—

Again, as we are getting this blog off the ground, we want to hear from you.  Please comment below on topics you would like to hear our take on or stories you want to hear and check back soon!

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