Today’s review comes from our friend Mr. Lafferty Daniels on a company that has taken social media by storm! Below is his review – enjoy!

“I feel like every time I turn around there is another golf ball company popping up.  By no means am I complaining but now is the time to try out some new companies to see if you can finally break away from either paying $40 dollars a dozen or finally being the guy who breaks down and starts playing with MOJO’s or Noodles.  (Don’t lie, unless you are a millionaire or on the tour every single player has come to this point at least once…ok it’s been twice)

When I came across Cut Golf Co. something just jumped out at me…I needed to try these golf balls.  With new and innovative companies out there, I love being able to buy directly from the manufacture – cutting out the middle man and saving me money in the long run… shout out Harry’s Razors!  Cut Golf Co. is a direct to consumer company that passes the savings on to you. When Cut Golf Co. started they allowed you to buy just one sleeve.   Very few companies allow you to buy just one sleeve to try.  In my opinion, this gives Cut Golf Co. a unique advantage to break into brand loyal customers.  No one wants to shell out $20, $30 or even $40 bucks a dozen golf balls to find out they are not right for you.  ***Please note, I just looked at their website and this is no longer an option so I hope they bring this back for first time buyers.

Now on to performance.  Let me first off start off by saying, we did not get these golf balls for free.  I wanted to do an honest review and not feel like I owed anything to anyone other than those of you who were reading. I purchased the Cut Blue to try.  The Cut Blue is a four-piece golf ball, for those who don’t know… a four-piece golf ball is what a majority of the high dollar balls are.  The blue will set you back about $25.  A far cry from the $40-dollar price tag on most other four-piece balls.

First impressions are everything. I was out playing nine with a buddy and happened to lose a ball on 8 and when reaching into my bag I decided to give Cut Golf a try.  I teed up the Cut Blue on 9 and let it rip.  I got so much pop on my drive.  It felt so good that I literally let out an audible “WOW.”  Stripped it about 270 and straight as an arrow.  After that hit, a pretty decent chip shot to the green and three putted my way to a bogey.  Nothing against this ball on the green, I am just not a great putter.

After this I had to get out to see if I was just lucky and hit a really go shot or does this ball really perform that well?  Let me just say this, I am sitting here tonight writing this after playing 18 holes, outside of human error, I played well.  Ball performed just as well as the first time I hit it and I am currently looking at the same ball I started the round with.  That is not something I can say I do often.

For a guy who is not huge into the analytics of a golf balls (let’s be honest, I am just not good enough for that to impact my game), I highly suggest giving these balls a try!  I plan on grabbing the White and Red to try out next.  Also, I am loving what they are doing on social media.  Their latest hats are on point.  Cut Golf Co.’s homepage says “It’s time to Cut the crap” – love the saying but I think it should read “It’s time To Cut The Crappy Golf”.

If you are interested in buying some Cut Golf Balls, check them out here:

– L. Daniels


Mr. Lafferty Daniels is a weekend warrior when it comes to golf.  Mr. Daniels shoots in the mid to low 90’s most of the time.  Has been know to have a couple snowmen on the score card but with the right amount of luck and sometimes with a little help from the trusty foot wedge can find his way into a birdie. 

Cut Golf did NOT send us the golf balls free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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