Below is a video and review we did for Cobra Golf featuring their CobraCONNECT platform backed by Arccos Golf. Arccos’ sensors use GPS and Bluetooth technology to track your drive automatically on your phone to help you improve your game in real time; from club to cloud.


  • Social Golf. Drive, share, compare with your friends or other players on the course to become the king of the hole.
  • Technology. Get real time results on your drives… and see it brought to life by bird’s-eye visuals overlaid on GPS hole imagery. Also, you get an analytics platform that’s more powerful than anything on Tour.


  • Practicality. Your phone has to be in your front pocket when tracking your drives and if your like me then that’s an issue. App is really only a GPS chip and can only track positions and distance.
  • Battery. Can potentially drain your phone’s battery so bring an external charger. 


For the extra money (~$50) to get the Arccos backed CobraConnect Technology with a state of the art driver we really think this is a great investment. Even if you aren’t a stats-guy just to be able to make the game a little competitive off the tee with your friends, its worth it.

If you would like us to do a comprehensive post on the actual driver including it’s performance, style and how it relates to what’s already in the bag please comment below or email us at Thanks!

Golf Starz plays a couple times a week and are consistently shoot in the 80’s. They also understand that double and triple bogeys are out lurking on the golf course.

Cobra Golf sent us the driver for free. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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