Today’s post comes from our friend Mr. Jansen Lee, on a product and concept that could change they way you buy your golf equipment forever. Below is Mr. Lee’s review. Enjoy!


“Ever had to run to the sporting goods store right before your round to pick up a sleeve of balls or a glove? You probably have – and you probably bought one of the few name brands and paid top dollar for it. What if I told you you could have all the essential golf goods the same way as the pros do for a fraction of the cost? Well you can with High Side Golf. No one likes playing with a worn out glove which is why their slogan is ‘You Play. We Deliver.’ 

The great people at High Side Golf were kind enough to send us 2 of their Nassauand 2 of their Ace gloves to try out. Made from close-fibered and very soft cabretta leather, you can tell these gloves are the ultimate quality. Their classic design provides crazy comfort, top of the line tack/grip, and durability that stacks up with the big names in the golf industry. I took them out on a typical cold, rainy Midwestern fall day and these things performed better than I was expecting. In cold, wet conditions I can normally go through more than one glove in a round. But it seemed like the High Side gloves were getting better as the day went on. By the 18th hole it felt like the grip was as strong if not stronger than when I started and the leather never felt like it was stretching or wearing out like most gloves I’ve played with. These gloves get a 10/10 in all categories; performance, style, and cost – I highly recommend you check them out! For no gimmicks, no hassle, just quality equipment go check them out at https://www.highsidegolf.com/

-J Lee”

Mr. Jansen Lee plays around 2 times a week and is a consistent mid to low 80’s golfer. But he also understands that double and triple bogeys are out lurking on the golf course.

High Side Golf sent us the gloves free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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