Today’s post comes from our friend, Mr. McAvoy Roy, on a game changing product that many golfers ignore. Below is Mr. Roy’s review. Enjoy!

“For the most part a towel is nothing special when playing golf – everyone uses them – however not all towels are created equal. Recently, UtherGolf rolled out a new line of golf towels which pushes the boundaries in the golf world. Not only did they preform extremely well during my round but they also provided style and charisma to my golf bag. UtherGolf uses a blend of microfiber with a waffle texture which allows for more absorption than your standard course towel. And by having two easily distinguishable sides, you will never mix wiping your golf club and hands on the same area. The ‘Flamingo Lake’ towel was able to clean in and out of the grooves and stayed wet the entire round in 90 degree weather. We all realize golf is more than a professional sport, it is a social scene – and these towels will add that extra swag to your bag. These towels have a timeless design so I know I will be rocking the UtherGolf towel for years to come. We have yet to see a product with such attention to detail, so if you ‘dare to be different’ head on over to www.uthergolf.com and check them out!”

-M Roy”

Mr. McAvoy Roy plays a couple times a week and is a consistent mid 80’s golfer. Capable of scaring some holes, he also understands a triple bogey is only a swing a way.


UtherGolf sent us the towels free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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