Today’s post comes from our friend Mr. Jansen Lee, on a very intriguing product that put a “spin” on an overlooked facet of the game. Below is Mr. Lee’s review. Enjoy!


“Look, having trouble off the tee can’t make your round but it sure can break it. Whether you play every day or once a month getting that ball to do what you’ve envisioned in your head can leave you frustrated. That’s where the Trust-tee comes into play.

The golf tee has (relatively) maintained the same design for nearly a century. For years I have been switching ball types to find something that fits my many different swings which makes no sense after discovering the Trust-tee. When I first started playing golf I had a horrible slice so I began playing with a ball that would reduce spin in the air. When I figured out how to hit the ball straight I wanted to incorporate a draw and a fade into my swing but instead I would go through a period of either duck hooks or slices. Well the Trust-tee has created a unique product that depending on how the tee is positioned can adjust the spin you put on the ball.  When I took the trust-tee out to the range/course and adjusted the angle and position to allow for a draw spin all I had to do was hit it straight and the results were pretty great. When I felt myself starting to pull the ball (which is common for me) I adjusted the tee for a slice and I slowly started see the ball straighten out.

Overall, this product can be helpful for those who are looking for a more consistent spin of the ball. Like anything else performance related you must practice to get results – in this case it may take that extra grind. If you can concentrate on hitting the ball straight and allow the trust-tee to do its job depending on how you position it then you will see results. And if you are struggling with a slice or hook then the trust-tee can help reduce that spin to give you a better ball flight. And for $6.99 you get 4 tees that can take a beating but will last you all season.

-J Lee”


Mr. Jansen Lee plays around 2 times a week and is a consistent mid to low 80’s golfer. But he also understands that double and triple bogeys are out lurking on the golf course.

Trust-tee Golf sent us the tees free of charge. All of the reviews we share on Golf Starz are our own opinions and are products we would undoubtedly recommend, use or purchase on our own.

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