“Golf Starz has been an absolute pleasure to work with! They reached out to me asking to highlight my work in an effort to expose the “little guys” and all the hard work that is being done behind the scenes in the golf industry.  We developed a project together, wrote up an awesome 2 part article and exposed their strong social media presence to my work.  I can not thank them enough for excellent, clear, concise and honest communication.  Thank you Golf Starz!”

Kyle Campbell | Owner
The Golf Garage

“Thanks to Golf Starz, we recently had our most successful giveaway yet!  They were on top of their game to post on their page and their story throughout the promotion.  We had a huge increase in followers and activity, as well as an increase in click-through’s to sales!  We look forward to working with Golf Starz again in the future.”

Teralin Petereit | Manager
Anne Stone, LLC. | Putt-A-Round

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Golf clothes hold a special place in my heart. My obsession began in college when I wore them all day, every day for convenience. Whenever I had free time, I’d be at the golf course. Now, I feel lucky that I wear golf clothes at work. At home, I have a closet for regular clothes and a closet for golf clothes. So I hope you feel like you can trust my opinions in the following review!

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